The global business fashion is to outsource non-core yet important
business activities. We have identified the activities listed hereunder
as some in this category.  At our firm these services which we
provide on outsourced basis are heavily patronized by small and
medium enterprises. The reason is simple. We have through our tested methodologies of delivering outsourced services, ensured that our clients’ understand, know and trust us.  We establish a flawless link between the outputs of our services and daily business routines to ensure smooth business operation. Services provided include:

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax health check review
  • Tax planning and advocacy
  • VAT refund audit
  • Tax agency services for resident and non-resident clients
  • Suite B6, B5 & B8
  • Surveyors Court
  • Woodvale Grove
  • 66837-00800
  • +254 20 240 4880
  • +254 720 018 525

Kenya’s economy is market based, with a few state-owned infrastructure entreprises and maintains a liberalised external trade system with a population of approximately 46.1 million, Kenya is one of the economic leaders in sub-saharan Africa.

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    Report by recruitment firm revealed the 100 best companies to work for in Kenya.

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