Advisory is our way of sharing the experience and in depth knowldge of organizational processes gained in the course of our many years working both in private and public sectors. Advisory services within Kreston KM Group are provided through Kreston KM Consulting Ltd, a private limited company associated to Kreston KM & Co. Certified Public Accountants.

All our professional services including advisory are geared towards understanding the client and the subject of engagement. The services include:

1) Financial and management services

  • Financial advisory services which includes institutional reforms for both private and public
  •  Integrated Client Services (ICS), and suspense reconciliation
  • Due diligence

        Taxation services

  • Organization development
  • Strategic plans and business plans development
  • Proposals & feasibility studies
  • Systems development & evaluation
  • Strategic audits
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Proposals for fundraising
  • Value for money reviews
  • Public sector reforms
  • Internal audit

2) Information Technology Consultancy Services

  • Information Systems audits
  • ERP services
  • IT testing and training services


3) Training

  • Practical budgeting
  • Bookkeeping
  • SME accounting and financial training
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Kenya’s economy is market based, with a few state-owned infrastructure entreprises and maintains a liberalised external trade system with a population of approximately 46.1 million, Kenya is one of the economic leaders in sub-saharan Africa.


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