The uniqueness of various industries demand that those who provide professional services to business and organizations in different sectors must pocess the requisite skills applicable to each industry. A live to this realization, Kreston KM group’s strategy is to develop and retain continuousily improved industry specific skills to facilitate delivery of professional services that meet and exceed client expectations. Among the Industries that Kreston KM boasts of superior skills include:

  • Cooperative movement sector
  • The hospitality industry
  • Non -for-profit organizations sector (NGOs)
  • Religious organizations
  • Conservation industry
  • Energy sector
  • Road and other contruction sector in general
  • Educational institutions
  • Insurance and pension schemes industry
  • Banking sector
  • Manufactring sector
  • Distribution sector
  • Aviation industry
  • Agricultural sector, including the dairy subsector
  • High networth individuals
  • Suite B6, B5 & B8
  • Surveyors Court
  • Woodvale Grove
  • 66837-00800
  • +254 20 240 4880
  • +254 720 018 525

Kenya’s economy is market based, with a few state-owned infrastructure entreprises and maintains a liberalised external trade system with a population of approximately 46.1 million, Kenya is one of the economic leaders in sub-saharan Africa.


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