One fact we have established through our many years of service to the SME sector, and particularly in the developing economies, is that business operational systems in this sector are unique. They are unique because businesses in this sector generally operate under many conflicting external and internal pressures. For example do the owners and managers of small and medium business operate them as purely commercial or subsistence ventures?  Are they operated with formal or informal structures? Even then, would their economic sizes allow? How many have established, published and follow policies on key business aspects such as business ethics, recruitment etc.

Against the foregoing, and on the basis of the wide and deep knowledge of the operations of firms’ in the SME sector that we have accumulated over our many years of service to the sector, we have developed and established unique methodologies that assist us in designing and implementing operational systems complete with necessary controls for firms’ in the SME sector. We keep reviewing and upgrading these methodologies on the advent of new knowledge. We believe we are many paces ahead of our peers in this aspect. And we are determined to maintain the gap.

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Kenya’s economy is market based, with a few state-owned infrastructure entreprises and maintains a liberalised external trade system with a population of approximately 46.1 million, Kenya is one of the economic leaders in sub-saharan Africa.


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