We call our services PRODUCTS because they are uniquely developed to meet specific needs of our focus sector, which is the SME.

A significant character of a firm in the SME sector is the involvement and influence, of the ownership in the daily business operations and routines. This aspect of business management calls for unique methods and procedures of enterprise operations, accounting, tax management, audit and general management consultancy.
Our many years of service to the SME sector have given us unparalleled opportunities, to deeply know, understand and accumulate valuable knowledge surrounding the operations of this sector.
It is on the basis of this unique knowledge that we have developed very practical products to meet the needs of the sector players.


Independent audits and assurance reviews

This is one of the launch services of our firm twenty four years ago. We have since grown in terms of client numbers, industry lines and obviously witnessed significant improvements in the quality of our assurance services. Kreston KM & Company has embraced and faithfully practices quality control processes believing that this is the most certain way to client retention. We continue to review and upgrade our assurance methodologies to remain within global practice standards.

We believe that people engage and pay for services they value. Our assurance business has continued in the upward direction because we plan and deliver it to contribute to the development and growth of the clients’ business, mainly through improved business processes.

Tax compliance and consulting

Tax for individuals, Businesses and other organizations is dynamic,wide, deep and complex.

The ever changing tax regulatory regimes attributable to constant tax reforms designed to standardize the global tax regulatory framework, have brought with them many tax challenges for businesses and other organizations. These challenges are particularly felt in small and medium organizations with little or no in house capacities to respond to them.

We recognize and appreciate the difficulties encountered by our valued clients in this area and have in response established a well staffed Statutory Compliance Unit  to assist in scaling these taxation related challenges. We further understand that it is not all about compliance, but ensuring you minimize your tax liability within the tax laws and regulations. We help you in tax planning.

Computerization in the SME environment

We have long enough interacted and continue to interact with the SME sector to know what works and what does not work.

Any business that ignores ICT in the present global business order will only do so at the risk of its own survival.

We are proactive on ICT based business operational platforms and will seize early opportunities to assist our clients to wade through the scary computerization process. We are avid users and consumers of ICT conveniences and are a converted lot when it comes to ICT based business solutions.

Business advisory services

When circumstances demand, talk to us, we shall possibly have ideas to share with you in finding solutions.  We have good and practical ideas and experience on:-

  • Setting-up and bringing to operation successful joint ventures
  • Business start-ups in the East African region
  • Wading through mergers and divestments
  • Reading and interpreting the financial and management accounts for busy shareholders and board members.
  • Profiling enterprise risks for improved business control
  • Business recoveries
  • Developing practical financial modules for planning, control and monitoring
  • Carrying out due diligence as required
  • Advising on business performance and improvements

Outsourced Services

The global business fashion is to outsource non-core yet important business activities. We have identified the activities listed hereunder as some in this category.  At our firm these services which we provide on outsourced basis are heavily patronized by small and medium enterprises. The reason is simple. We have through our tested methodologies of delivering outsourced services, ensured that our clients understand, know and trust us.  We establish a flawless link between the outputs of our services and daily business routines to ensure smooth business operation.

We are popularly outsourced for:-

  • Book-keeping
  • Accountancy
  • Payroll and staff recruitment
  • Budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Risk management training and Internal audits

Our training philosophy is to build capacity for business growth and control.

The range of our training products feature celebrated and popular programmes that includes:-

Entrepreneurs’ assistant’s course

This course runs two programmes each calendar month.It is designed to create an effective business assistant for the entrepreneur. Through this programme we make your receptionist or office assistant, your business assistant.As an entrepreneur you concentrate on your core business activities and stop worrying about such time consuming business support routines and processes to include among others :

  • Raising invoices
  • Receiving payments and banking
  • Maintaining receivables accounts
  • Maintaining payables accounts
  • Remembering the business compliance calendar
  • Custody for stocks and inventory
  • Handling customer enquiries

If some or all the above are your worries then you are a candidate for the entrepreneurs’ assistant’s course. Just get in touch with us.

Practical budgeting and budgetary control

This is an extremely popular course with entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium enterprises
Many business owners and managers, world over loathe the idea of budgeting.
Very often budgeting is dismissed as an exercise in futility by even those like the accountants who should be lobbyists for this important business aspect.
Many times it is presented theoretically!Our experienced business practitioners take you through a painless motion of how:-

  • To budget from a practical and real perspective
  • To delegate budgeted activities for implementation without loosing the control aspect
  • To set-up, direct and monitor the growth path of your business.

This course makes it just what you want to do in business!

Fast tracking correct experience for accountants

The business scene is replete with many businesses searching desperately for accounting professionals with well grounded skills and experience.  Yet out there, are so many accounting graduates, and partly qualified accounting professionals, in the market unsuccessfully looking for jobs all courtesy of inadequate or no experience! What a contradiction?
Because we have identified the gap, we have developed a practical book-keeping and accountancy program for inexperienced accounting graduates to link them with employers.
We take them through what they missed during the CPA qualification.
Our training programme uses real life business data and information.
Only a few days and the candidate will process financial information through books of accounts to financial statements that comply with international financial reporting standards.
For inexperienced accounting graduates, talk to us and get over with the stigma of inexperience.
For employers and especially those in SMEs including smaller accounting practices, employ and entrust us with the experience bit. It won’t take that long!

Operational systems design, development and implementation

One fact we have established through our many years of service to the SME sector, and particularly in the developing economies, is that business operational systems in this sector are unique. They are unique because businesses in this sector generally operate under many conflicting external and internal pressures. For example do the owners and managers of small and medium business operate them as purely commercial or subsistence ventures?  Are they operated with formal or informal structures? Even then, would their economic sizes allow?

How many have established, published and follow policies on key business aspects such as business ethics, recruitment etc?

Against the foregoing, and on the basis of the wide and deep knowledge of the operations of firms in the SME sector that we have accumulated over our many years of service to the sector, we have developed and established unique methodologies that assist us in designing and implementing operational systems complete with necessary controls for firms in the SME sector.

We keep reviewing and upgrading these methodologies on the advent of new knowledge.

We believe we are many paces ahead of our peers in this aspect. And we are determined to maintain the gap.