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Doing Business in Kenya

Kenya’s economy is market-based with a few state-owned infrastructure enterprises and maintains a liberalised external trade system. With a population of approximately 48.5 million, Kenya is one of the economic leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa. The solid and conducive economic performance is experienced due to good agricultural performance, supportive monetary policy, good infrastructure investments and also creation of an EPZ. The country is generally the Eastern and Central Africa’s hub for financial, communication and transportation services. Major industries include: agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and minerals, industrial manufacturing, energy, tourism and financial services. Kenya is also a good investment destination due to its strengths in excellent connectivity to major worldwide hubs, skilled workforce, and liberalized economy with no restriction for residents and non-residents and memberships including COMESA, WTO and EAC. In addition, Kenya has a number of tax treaties and investment promotions and protection to foreign direct investment.

However, there are a number of issues, which you must consider when you are looking to set up your business in Kenya. This document takes you through some of the common questions we come across and gives you practical information about the issues you need to consider.